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Comments: recently performed an independent review of the Chill Out & About and gave the product a 5-star review. In addition, the review called the Chill Out & About a "food serving essential". Click Here to read the full review.

Recent Reviews

-- I have bought many products over the years in an attempt to transport and serve fragile food items safely. Though they looked great in the kitchen specialty shops, they never quite delivered what was promised. ...The Chill Out & About serving and storage system is more than I expected. I bought the fourteen-piece set and used it a week later to take a complete seafood appetizer to our family Thanksgiving gathering. I filled the bottoms with water the night before and froze them. I filled the containers with fresh crab, fresh lobster, and shrimp at 1:00 the next day. We left at 1:30, arrived at our destination around 2:30, and open up our appetizer platters around 3:00. I used the two smaller containers for remoulade and seafood sauce. Everyone was amazed! Everything was ice cold and stayed that way the remainder of the afternoon. We stored the leftovers in the refrigerator the rest of the day. When we arrived home, around 8:30pm, the ice was still completely frozen and the remaining seafood was in great shape. We made seafood chowder the next day! None of this would have been possible without this product. And the cleanup is is simple. My main fear has been taken care of. When hostesses leave things out so that people can graze, I now know that what I took will not make someone sick. I highly recommend the Chill Out & About. -

-- LOVE IT! Arkansas summers are sweltering and my family spends a great deal of time at the lake. By filling the base with water and sticking it in the freezer overnight, hubby and I can fish till noon and then, enjoy a picnic of cold, sliced fruit, cold-cut sandwiches, potato salad, veggies with dips, and desserts. – I. Stewart -

-- Great for hosting tennis matches, I used mine today and kept my potato salad in it. It kept it cold for 3 hours!
C. Habib - Facebook Fan Club

-- I love my Chill Out & About especially for those soon to come hot summer days. With Chill Out & About at least we know the potato salad and shrimp have been kept nice and chilled and still edible! – N. Wolk - Facebook Fan Club

-- I love, love, love my Chill Out & About--It is a must-have for tailgating, picnics and other fun outings with family and friends....I can't wait to see all the new colors! – G. Tew - Facebook Fan Club

-- How did I live without it? It's so simple. Now I don't have to worry if my favorite dip has been out of the fridge too long, because it is still chilled hours later. I love to take it to the pool, on the boat or just in the backyard. Can't wait to tailgate with it in the fall. - K. Buehler -

-- I used these to take lunch on a trip. They worked just great and I will use them often! These would make a great hostess gift to take food and say "keep the container"! They really do keep your food very cold! - L. Dougherty -

-- This product is ingenious. I had a party last weekend and used it for fruit salad and for dips. It was easy to use, practical, and attractive. I'm a huge fan. I would recommend this product for anyone. No more worrying about the potato salad getting too warm! - A. Hobbler -

-- We used the Chill Out and About for a party last weekend and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Our dips and salads remained cold for the entire time we were there about 4hrs. We didn't have to worry about the food going bad. We will be ordering another one.
- Kerri H. -

-- I tried out the container for the first time on the 4th of July. It kept my guacamole cold for three hours in the hot afternoon. I would recommend it to others. - Lucky Mom -

-- This is the perfect serving item. It prevents bacteria, yes, but I love that it keeps items (dips, salads, etc) cold! Easy prep & easy storage - what could be better? - Anonymous

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