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The Chill Out & About Server

The idea for the Chill Out and About Servers stay-cool food serving and storage system occurred during an outdoor party we were hosting at our home. We were serving potato salad and were concerned about the salad getting warm and spoiling, so we would put out only a small amount at a time, and ran to the kitchen every five minutes to refill the bowl. As a result, we weren’t able to relax and enjoy the party. For our next party, we served the potato salad on a bed of ice nested in a cooler. However, we had to remember to tell each guest to look in the cooler, and as the ice melted the bowl tipped and the salad spilled into the cooler. What a mess! Finally, we froze a bowl the night before into an aluminum pan and served the potato salad in the bowl. However, this solution was also unattractive, and as the ice melted the bowl became unstable and bits of potato salad were dropped into the melting ice, creating another mess.

The Chill Out and About Servers stay-cool food serving and storage system is an elegant solution to this everyday entertaining dilemma. It keeps food fresh for hours at parties or picnics, at home or on the go. Just fill the base with water and freeze, or for last minute get-togethers, add a mix of ice cubes and water. The interchangeable system lets you choose the perfect container combination to serve salads, hors d'oeuvres, dips, dressings, desserts, and more and keeps them cool and delicious for hours. The serving containers nest in ice, while the main tray lid protects the ice from dripping food and the serving containers from becoming unstable. In addition, the attractive design works with all decors and makes for a beautiful presentation. Finally, when the party is over, you can simply pop out the serving containers, snap on the lids, and store them in the fridge or freezer without using any additional dishes. Clean up is a snap!

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Staycations and Entertaining at Home:

Have you, like many Americans, decided to stay home and relax rather than go away on vacation due to the high price of gas and air travel? More and more people are choosing to stay home and take a low-stress, low-cost "staycation" rather than dealing with the expense, stress, and hassle of car and plane travel. The Chill Out & About® stay-cool food serving and storage system can help you enjoy your staycation even more. It is the perfect addition to your family gathering or picnic. Not only is the presentation beautiful, but it is designed to help reduce your worries about food poisoning and food bacteria. Because it keeps food cool for hours, it increases food safety and allows you to serve the food and then relax. Remember – we put the chill in, so you can chill out!

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